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About the Peace River

The Peace River in Alberta starts from the joining of the Parsnip and Finlay rivers in Northern BC Canada. The confluence now officially starts at Williston Lake, formed by the W.A.C.Bennett Dam near Hudson’s Hope BC. The river continues north and east through Alberta into the Peace-Athabasca Delta, at the western end of Lake Athabasca. Water from the delta flows into the Slave River east of Peace Point and reaches the Arctic Ocean via the Great Slave Lake and Mackenzie River. The Peace River itself is 1923 km long, but the system from its source to its outflow into the Beaufort Sea is the 13th longest in the world at 4241 km.

map of Peace River AB

Relive the experience of explorers who used this incredible water route including Alexander Mackenzie by taking one of our canoe or kayak guided tours or by doing a self guided canoe or kayak trip. Mackenzie wintered on the banks of the Peace River in 1792 not far from the town site of Peace River while attempting to find an overland route to Asia. In his words: “The west side of the river displayed a succession of the most beautiful scenery I had ever beheld…. This magnificent theatre off nature has all the decorations which the trees and animals of the country can afford it…” Alexander Mackenzie, spring 1793.

MacKenzie was successful on finding this overland link in 1793 after two attempts. He was a man of adventure, and his remarkable journey filled with adversity speaks to the vastness and wildness of the country, which, when one is on the river, is palpable.

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