A Moose heading for cover beside the Peace River
Canoeing the Peace River
A black bear along the Peace River
Beautiful scenery along the Peace River enjoyed by the solo kayaker
Camping time on the Peace River

Self Guided Canoe / Kayak Outfitting

Canoeists starting out down the Peace RiverDo your own thing, and set your own pace with our Self Guided options.

The Peace River is a large watershed subject to dramatic water level fluctuations and associated occassionally large amounts of floating debris. These are the result of precipitation as well as upstream activity at the WAC Bennett dam. For current information about river flows, etc. on the Peace River click here for the Alberta Environment and Substainable Resource Development site

Canoes on trailer beside the Peace River

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Canoe / Kayak / Camping Rental Equipment


***PLEASE NOTE*** Rentals are available only to:
      1) Patrons of our cabins and camping facilities, or
      2) Customers who wish to rent 3 or more boats and the canoe trailer

Canoe with bailer, tie rope and whistle, plus paddle and PFD for each person. Per 2 people. $45
  Kayak with bailer, tie rope and whistle plus paddle and PFD. Per 1 person $45
  Kayak Tandem with bailer, tie rope and whistle, plus paddle and PFD. 2 person $65
  Tent with waterproof fly.   2 person. $20
  Compact inflatable mattress and  pillow. Per person. $10
  Kitchen Package: Stove, 1 or 2 coolers, all dishes pots and utensils, matches, stove fuel, collapsible table and chairs, drinking water container, hatchet, misc. Suitable for party of 6. $30
  Large Waterproof Dry Bag $10
  Small Waterproof Dry Bag.  $5
  Water purifying system $5
  Canoe Trailer $85

Cabin and Tent Guests Only

  Canoe or kayak rental per 1/2 day including shuttle $40
  2 hr. Guided canoe/kayak trip per boat including shuttle $75

Shuttle of Canoes / Kayaks and Passengers

per party, maximum 6 canoes, 12 passengers

2 way shuttle, price based on one-way kilometres, per kilometre, final destination PRCO $1.85
  PRCO to Taylor 277 km $512.45
  PRCO to Cotillion 222 km $410.70
  PRCO to Many Islands 132 km $244.20
  PRCO to Pratts 105 km $194.25
  PRCO to Dunvegan 95 km $175.75
  PRCO to Elk Island 69 km $127.65
  PRCO to Peace River WEST PEACE 27 km $49.95
  PRCO to Notikewin Park 172 km $318.20


Final Destination PICKUP if ending at other than PRCO or Shaftesbury ferry landing add:

Many Islands $122.00
  Pratts $97.00
  Dunvegan $87.00
  Elk Island $64.00
  Peace River $25.00
  Notikewin $159.00
  Carcajou $300.00

Booking & Contact Information

Please book equipment and transportation as early as possible to avoid disappointment:

To book please
Call Us: (877) 835-1277 or
Email: info@peacerivercanada.com


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